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2012 Race Results 
 Provided by Race Place Chip Timing

To see the results of the 2012 race, click here.

Braveheart Slays Snowshoe Shuffle’s Icy Longshanks
 Feb 5, 2012
Philip Gary Smith from Snowshoe Magazine

Off the line like a ball shot from a Scottish cannon, Jim McDonnel lept to lead the start of the seventh Snowshoe Shuffle Joe Holewa Memorial. Running in trail shoes as 2012’s winter has thrown its own fire into the battle, melting snow, McDonnel never gave up the lead nor was threatened.

Pre-teen Hailey Jo Scheff captured the inaugural Minnesota State Snowshoe Junior Championship on the 5 km loop with her quick 42:38 and the crowd with her eager grin. Read More...

2011 Race Results 
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To see the results of the 2011 race, click here.

ESNS Press Release 
 December 15, 2010

This will be the sixth year celebrating Minnesota’s great outdoors, age-old snowshoe tradition and gathering for an excellent cause. The 2011 “Dash in the Snow,” Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle will be held Saturday, February 5, 2011... Read More

Snowbeautiful Single-track Surprises Showshoe Shuffle-ites 

 February 21, 2010
Philip Gary Smith from Snowshoe Magazine
The meandering single-track layout long conceived for the Snowshoe Shuffle Qualifier in the Twin Cities was unveiled on this perfect day. The result? “Wow!” Same for the results, too.  It took five years but with a move to an earlier race date and cooperative snow, the long awaited 10 km original layout debut, encompassing a single loop through wooded waterways and trails, surprised unsuspecting racers.  Touring the course pre race, I knew this would be a special day for the fifth year of the event when the Qualifying course split from the 5 km loop to add these northern trails, marked marked with flags and bright orange arrows pointing the way to the banner finish... Read More

Above the Snow: Snowshoes increase in popularity 
 January 13, 2010
 from Albert Lea Tribune
People looking to get some exercise during the winter months have started to turn to an old method of transport. Snowshoes, which date back some 6,000 years, are gaining popularity among people who want to enjoy the outdoors, experience nature and get some exercise... Read More

Sunny Smiles Rule Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle 
 February 15, 2009
 by Philip Gary Smith from Snowshoe Magazine
After one of the coldest Januarys on record (a stretch of 30 days with no temperatures above freezing), the Arctic ran out of frigid air and suddenly, just days before the start of the 2009 Snowshoe Shuffle, a spring thaw began... and Spring in Minnesota is weeks and weeks away.  Sometimes it seems to arrive just before the 4th of July.  South facing hills went bare of the 37” of snow that had fallen early in the year, putting in jeopardy the new date the race had chosen for earlier in the season, in order to get away from this annual threat when the race was held on the last weekend of USSSA Qualifying.

But the Long Lake Park Reserve held its snow and racers were treated to a terrific course and mild 32 degree temps at the start, warming even more with the sun popping out... Read More

2010 Race Results 
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To see the results of the 2010 race, click here.

Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle

Try This: Snow Play 
 November 2, 2009

 by Lisa Densmore on Active.com

The fresh, cold air invigorates me. My heart rate accelerates and my quads work harder as the trail turns upward. On snowshoes--two-foot long, thick rectangles with curved front ends and "claws" under the forefeet that grip the snow--I feel like a bobcat, lithe and buoyant.

I'm in Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire, with Nicky Pizzo, a naturalist from the Appalachian Mountain Club and my guide through this winter wonderland. On snowshoes, we float above deep snow, exploring areas far off the trail. Snowshoes don't glide like cross-country skis, so the experience is similar to hiking (although in shoes, I'd be thigh deep in powder). As we head uphill, I rely more on my poles to gain power. Our walk through the woods has morphed into a workout.

Turns out, snowshoeing is a perfect way to cross-train... Read More
First Timers Guide 
 Snowshoe Magazine

Snowshoe Magazine's Guide to Snowshoeing: Knowing What to Buy, Where to Go, How to Get Started and Learn What's Important

There is no better way to begin snowshoeing than just going and doing it. Take a risk, rent or buy a pair of snowshoes, dress for the elements and enjoy. However, that's just a start - there is more to it than just taking a refreshing plunge in some snow. 

Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years. And, obviously, the art of snowshoeing has become more sophisticated over time - now it's considered a winter sport. From the early wood-frame to the aluminum-frame models, snowshoeing has garnered quite a following throughout the world. Modern day snowshoeing is made up of casual snowshoers who hike trails for pleasure, the snowshoeing enthusiasts who trek through the backcountry, and the competitors who race. 

Considering this is the fastest growing winter sport in the world... Read More