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Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton, Minnesota

New Brighton, home of Long Lake Regional Park, is almost exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole, with a latitude of 45 degrees. Consisting of 217 acres with two bodies of water, the park includes 1.5 miles of shoreline on Long Lake and a natural area around Rush Lake.

In warmer weather, patrons can seek out the natural areas of the park featuring cattail marshes, 200 year old Bur oak woods and a 9 acre restored prairie.  Even remnants of old farmsteads can be found at Long Lake park and where lilacs and rose bushes can be found in the middle of the woods.

New Brighton's terrain was sculpted by the last glacial period.  We're told that Long Lake is glacier leftovers, simply an ice chunk left behind, and when melted, created the lake.  Locals are only among the few in the state who can say that if you get a drink of Long Lake water, you are drinking straight from the glacier.

So we have a great place, both historic in beauty and modern in trail design for our Snowshoe Shuffle. 

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Below are the 5K and 10K Course Maps: 

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